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Woo Token Nft

 Woo Token Nft



We are excited to announce a date for our $WOO token for the #WOONFT community. But before I announce the token release date!

One of the most significant benefits for $WOO holders is their ability to buy during our general sale in Q4, where the remaining 50% (30k) WOOALPHA will be sold, and the only way to purchase those packs is with $WOO token. Unlike the Presale Event and the Raven Sale Event, we will not accept any other currency for our WOOALPHA General Sale Event. We believe the remaining 50% of WOOALPHA will be highly sought after because it is the last remaining of the Alpha set, and the reward packs offered for that sale airdrops will be worth 16.6666666 $WOO token airdrop points, thus maximizing $WOO Token airdrop potential.


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